Ingredients: Beli Mal, Ranawara, Kothalahimbutu, Sugar, Water, Kombucha Culture

Beli Mal – Bael  Fruit  Flower (Aegle Marmelos)

Dried flower petals of Bael tree was used as a herbal and ayurvedic beverage for generations as a refreshing beverage as well as to treat Dysentery, Nausea, Piles, Fevers, Body odor, Nervous system diseases, Headache, Constipation.

Ranawara – Mature Tea Tree (Cassia auriculata) / Aavarampoo Flower

Dried flower petals of Ranawara tree is another Sri Lankan traditional herbal teas that were trusted and ayurvedically used for Skin diseases, Excessive bleeding, Excessive thirst, Dysentery, Diabetes mellitus.

Kothala Himbutu (කොතලහිඹුටු) (Salacia Reticulate)

This is one of Sri Lanka’s most priced and valued indigenous plants that have miraculous medicinal properties that memorized the modern science. Used for generations for the treatments of  Diabetes mellitus, Renal stones, Menorrhagia, Polyurea.  Surrounded by many controversial attempts of smuggling as this is a highly guarded precious plant for us, Sri Lankans.


  • You might find some jelly-like bits floating in your Kombucha. (Don’t worry. These are signs of a natural and healthy brew!)
  • Sugar is crucial for effective fermentation and is consumed by the kombucha culture. (It’s the food for the good guys who are fermenting your brew!)
  • Due to the unique fermentation recipe, this product contains a trace amount of alcohol. Not more than 0.5% (Nope. You can’t get high with this. Ever!)
  • Do Not shake before you drink. (Just like a soda or a champaign, you don’t want too many bubbles. Plus this will help stay put the yeast residuals in the bottom of the bottle!)